Add a loading animation when uploading documents

Add a loading animation when uploading documents

I am currently migrating my entire practice into Charm, roughly 2000 charts or so. As I go through and upload old documents into their account, I have developed a new pet peeve.

When you upload a document, you choose the file and click 'ok', then you wait for the file to completely upload.

However, there is no loading animation or progress bar to show you that it is still thinking. When you upload a large file, it sits on the documents screen for several minutes, and you have no idea if it is still attempting the upload. It shows the screen exactly as it looked prior to pressing the upload button.

I would LOVE to see a simple spinner or 'File Upload in Progress' on the screen while it is in progress. 

More than once, I have accidentally clicked on the upload button again or left the page during a long upload because of the lack of visual feedback. This, of course, requires restarting the process again. It is not a huge deal, but doing this all day, every day... It has become a huge deal 

Bottom line, a simple loading spinner would be a tremendous help when uploading documents or labs. Thanks!