Custom Email Templates Work

Custom Email Templates Work

I hired it out and made edits to the HTML in Charm. You could also do this yourself by using MailChimp.

I'm using JotForm to have patients complete their intake forms and send the link via text and these email templates. I've attached a zip folder with some templates if you want to give it a try. Find an HTML editor freelancer on if you don't want to make the edits yourself. 

Jotform Intake Form Example:

Patient Portal Registration! 
Dear ${Patient.Name},
Please click the link below to register for your Patient Portal Account. 
If clicking on the link doesn’t work, copy and paste it into your browser. 


After registering, you can access us via our Online Patient Portal or via our Appto:
Send & receive secure messages with your doctor.
Send photos & documents to your doctor.
Create future appointments.
Access your past visits, lab results and documents that are available after your appointment.
Manage your health records and wellness.
Need to complete your intake forms? Link.  

If you need further assistance please contact us on Facebook Messenger via the Messenger icon below. 
Best Regards, 
Kovvy Health Team
(480) 588-3170
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