Email Templates

Email Templates

Has anyone had any luck making/using custom HTML templates or hiring it out?

I'm going to try and tackle this soon by changing Charm's templates to match our website and MailChimp email marketing themes. 

The default notifications are too wide for mobile mail and the right side gets cut off on my iPhone.

I'll update everyone if I get this to work. Please chime in if you have already done this.

Appointment Confirmed
Appointment Confirmed

Dear ${Patient.Name},

Your video consultation with ${Appointment.Provider} has been confirmed on ${Appointment.Day} ${Appointment.Date} at ${Appointment.Time} for ${Appointment.Duration} Minutes.
 ${Appointment.Message To Patient}
Please join the video session 30 minutes prior to our appointment time, using the link below. If clicking on the link doesn't work, copy and paste it into your browser.


CALL ${Facility.Phone}
This is an automated email. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY.                       
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